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Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Fiona. S.   I am an international food communication consultant with French & Italian Cuisine Cooking Diploma and a very foody person. 

My non-Japanese friends around the world often ask me to advise them how to enjoy Japanese meal at home in the casual manner.  Using my Japanese-origin background and my long term international living experience, I have been introducing various ways of enjoying modern Japanese meals.   Now, it is time for me to launch my own blog to share my advices to “Japanese Food Lovers” worldwide!

Authentic traditional Japanese cuisine is not only Japanese food but also authentic casual modern Japanese food.  You believe or not, the latter can be easily and casually enjoyed at home with magical items and ideas. 

Please follow my blog for eye opening information to make your Japanese food lover life more fun!   

Kanpai !


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  5. About the Blog

    Introduction / About the Blog