Let’s cook Tako-san Wiener (Octopus Wiener) !!

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After my posting a previous blog (“Learning about Japanese Soul Food” ), I really wanted to make and eat Tako-san Wiener (Octopus Wiener)!! As I explained in “Learning about Japanese Soul Food”, Tako-san Wiener (Octopus Wiener) is one of popular Japanese soul foods, and it is must have item for the Japanese style lunch box especially for children. In fact, I have not cooked this Octopus Wiener for long time, I decided to try the cooking and introduce you the easy cooking method in this article.

1. Ingredients
2. Important tool for Tako-san Wiener cooking
3. Preparation
4. Cooing with a flying pan

1. Ingredients
Ingredients you need for the cooking are:

Since half of a wiener will become Octopus legs. So, please select size of wiener based on your preference of legs’ length. There is no strict rule for type of wieners you select.  Red colored wiener is perfect for Octopus wiener cooking, which will create more visually realistic Octopus wieners. However, if you are concerned about food color issue, please select non-colored wieners.

●Cooking oil
Cooking oil is used at the time of flying pan cooking. Again, no rule for cooking oil selection. However, fresh and health oil are recommended.

2. Important tool for Tako-san Wiener cooking
Authentic Octopus leg making requires knife technique, so you need a knife. For modern and easy way of creating Octopus legs, you can use a special tool now days. Generally, this special tool is called “Tako-san Wiener Cuter” and can be purchased various types of cuter at Japanese 100 Yen shops, big supermarkets, Bento Box specialty shops, and online stores.

3. Preparation
Using a Tako-san Wiener Cuter create legs with 1/2 (or a little less than 1/2) of each wiener. Your preparation work is done!!


4. Cooing with a flying pan
Heat up your flying pan which matches with amount of wieners you are cooking.
When the pan gets headed pour cooking oil to the pan (FYI, I usually use about 1 table spoon for 6 Octopus wiener cooking). Add prepared wieners to the pan and stir fly wieners with cooking chopsticks or a cooking spatula.
Please make sure not to burn wieners! Light brown burn level is acceptable. As wieners get cooked octopus legs become curly. Remove cooked wieners from the pan and serve them on a plate. If you would like to include octopus wieners to the lunch box, please cool them down first then place them in the lunch box.

You may need a bit of practice at first, but entire Tako-san Wiener making is not difficult with proper tool even for the cooking beginners. I am sure that your Tako-san Wiener will make your loved ones smile very easily.

Thank you very much for your reading !!

Kanpai !!
Fiona.S xoxo

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