Everybody loves “GYU-DON” in Japan!! How about you?

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If you are school student or salary-man in Japan, one of your dream is to be “eating GYU-DON (牛丼) as much as you can”.  GYU-DON is one of most popular Japanese rice bowl food long-cooked with thin-sliced beef, onion, soy sauce, and sugar.  Usually people eat out for GYU-DON as fast food now days.  Also, you can acquire precooked package products (retort food) at the supermarket in Japan in order to enjoy GYU-DON at home.  However, you can easily cook this dish at home with simple ingredients.  It will be great Japanese entertaining food at home.



1.     Ingredients

2.     Preparation

3.     How to cook GYU-DON



1.     Ingredients

RECIPE : GYU-DON (Serves 4)

   Large size Onion   2   

   Thin slices and copped beef rib meat   600g

   Japanese Sake for cooking use   6 tbsp.

   Soy Sause       6 tbsp.

   Sugar           56 tbsp.  (Japanese ZARAME Sugar is ideal)

   Minced Garlic   1&1/3 tbsp. 

   Cooked white rice (Japanese rice or California rice are ideal)


2.     Preparation

Preparation is very easy you believe or not.  Cut a whole onion into 8 comb-shaped cuts.  Then, measure all ingredients of above recipe.  That’s all !!  


3.     How to cook GYU-DON

    Cover bottom of pan with cut onions. 

    Put beef meat on cut onions and create a layer.

    Add Japanese Cooking Sake, Soy Sauce, Sugar, and crushed garlic. 

    Put a lid on pot.  

    Cook with low heat entirely and quietly for about 2 hours.  Important not to remove a lid until all get cooked. 

    Prepare a bowl with cooked white rice.  Pour beef and onion over rice to serve. 


Surprisingly, you do not need any water as ingredient because necessary water come from onions and beef (stock) in addition to Japanese cooking sake and soy sauce.  Please make sure not to burn onions in the pan, otherwise cooked dish will become bitter in the end.


Contrary to your belief, GYU-DON is very easy to cook at home (even outside of Japan)!!  If you are GYU-DON lover, try this recipe at home!!


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Enjoy !!

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